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Paralegals, Attorneys​​, Office Managers (HR) and Bookkeepers in Greater Milwaukee Area!

Current Placements Currently placing in several law firms and manufacturers in the city....Marketing people, paralegals and lawyers.

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Good people are the key to our success!

At Cream City Recruiters, we focus on the clients and their needs. It is through our commitment to matching the specific needs of each of our clients that has made us such a success. We are highly trained placement professionals, having served the Milwaukee business community for over 20 years, recruiting and placing the finest legal, manufacturing and medical personnel available, such as, attorneys, marketing experts, high tech, engineers, sales, paralegals, legal secretaries and medical office personnel, admin assistants and managers. We are known for placing people that help Law Firms and Businesses grow. The record we are most proud of is at least 495 recruits over 23 years are still in place with the firms or companies placed with.

Cream City Recruiters is "Where Placements Produce."

In an non-committal society where the commitment in business relationships can fade after the check clears, Cream City Recruiters stands out.. Relationships for Cream City Recruiters LLC, are the mortar that joins candidate to firm. Like an old fashioned Match Maker, Cream City Recruiters LLC hones their intuitive skills to read, understand and place people effectively. They attunes themselves to business clients having learned to listen well before they speak In our fast paced techno driven communication often what is lost is the sensitivity of human interaction..

While the modern day technology of the Internet and job posting sites can give savvy firms a leading edge, firms should be careful not to rule out the use of personnel placement agencies. Candidates can use the web to hide flaws that an effective screener can spot. In the 25 years of doing business, they have created a niche for their business. While nicely well rounded with experience in medical, corporate and manufacturing, they focus on the legal staffing market.

During a career that has seen rapid technological change, Cream City Recruiters LLC has maintained principles as a constant bedrock of their firm. Their commitment to both candidate and firm ensures

A cost effective solution

Over time they have realized that while any firm can place a person, They have built their livelihood on creating relationships that grow and last. It is likely for a placement to last at a firm for a generation, growing from an entry level job to a senior member of the firm. Cream City's reputation as a firm that matches well is both cost effective and time saving.

While some may question the need for a Match Maker in this age of web portals offering immediate time sensitive communication. Experts caution not to overemphasize the role of technology when placements require highly skilled individuals with the ability to mesh well and form a team that works in high stress environments. We have temporary, temp to hire, and permanent placement. "If you call us, expect the best!" We do Permanent and Temporary Placement. Our commitment to matching the specific needs of each of our clients is what has made us a success. If our objective is professional representation and a high level of production, call us to talk about how we can help.

Currently placing in several law firms and manufacturers in the city....Marketing people, paralegals, Sales Account Manager and lawyers.